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Micro-Key is a leading company, that provides the innovative design, engineering, production and distribution of embedded systems - hardware and software - for a broad range of applications in various industries.

Micro-Key was founded in 1985 in Noordhorn (the Netherlands) as a design and engineering company specialized in industrial and scientific electronics. Micro-Key's clear organization structure stimulates a responsible and dedicated culture that our team of 23 experts fill with passion and creativity.

Professional Approach

Micro-Key's professional approach combines expertise of the latest technology and client's business orientation, as technology and customers' needs are both changing continuously.

One of the many special features of Micro-Key is to execute, not only production, but also design processes according to quality standards.

Implementing design and engineering projects according to satisfactory features and performance benefits, and delivering on commitments is the most important part of Micro-Key's philosophy.

The emphasis is to provide customers the benefits of the latest technology, functionality, know-how and experience and - last but not least - all according to up to date quality standards. A strong and genuine belief in the "customer first" principal of doing business is what fuels this company. Integrity and reliability are the most important core values for the long and extensive partnerships with our customers.

Such principals and values have enabled us to provide tailored made solutions for well over three decennia. It's all part of being a technological pioneer.


More Infornation

Micro-Key complies with the following set of voluntary industry standards and is actively engaged in continuous improvement:

ISO 9001:2015 (English)
ISO 9001:2015 (Nederlands)
IQNet certificate

For more information on our declarations of environmental awareness:

Declaration of Conformity to ROHS

Declaration of Conformity to Dodd-Frank act section 1502

For more information on our general terms and conditions:

General Terms and Conditions

Latest News

Micro-Key Production Center 

This Production Center is located in the same street across the Development Center and Headquarters of Micro-Key.
This continues the performance and seamless flow between the product development and production processes, which Micro-Key is proud to be known for.

Job Openings

Micro-Key is looking for talented, versatile, self-motivated individuals who have the right mix of technical skills to add to our team.

Currently, we have specific needs for: 

Technicus Elektronica Productie

Hardware Ontwikkelaar

Software Ontwikkelaar


Stagiair HBO Electrotechniek

Stagiair MBO Elektronica / Trainee MBO Elektronica

Unsolicited offers or services (acquisitions) by third parties will not be accepted.