Customer Specific Solutions

Micro-Key develops and manufactures customer specific embedded applications on system, PCB and chip level for a broad range of applications in various industry branches.

Micro-Key develops (which includes the design and engineering of) complex embedded systems - hardware and software - on a customer specific basis for embedded system applications, e.g. device, instrument or machine control. Micro-Key is as well highly involved in technical scientific, automotive and maritime applications; especially in the technology of distributed measurement & control through CAN and other field busses.

Embedded systems are more and more configured and controlled with PC based hardware platforms (such as desktops, laptops, notebooks or PDAs) through (wireless) ethernet or internet connections.) In addition to design and engineering services for embedded systems, Micro-Key offers design and engineering services for PC based user-interfaces controlling embedded systems.

Micro-Key offers customer specific solution services for:

  • Development of embedded software
  • Development of PC based software
  • Development of custom-specific electronics

Please refer to Design and Engineering Services for detailed information about our services, commonly used technology and application areas.

Focusing on your objectives

Micro-Key is a technological minded company with a highly focus on the perspective and objectives of our customers. The specific requirements of our customers are translated into actual products by applying innovative (but proven) technologies and effective development methods. Truly custom-specific solutions are realized according to the following objectives agreed upon:

  • Development budget
  • Time schedule
  • Product price
  • Product specifications and performance

These time-to-market, price-to-market and quality-to-market factors are of great importancy for the success of our customers, your success! By focusing on your objectives we want to provide you with a leap ahead on your competitors.

Please refer to Design and Engineering Projects for detailed information about our project approach and project examples.