Manufacturing of electronics

Micro-Key offers manufacturing services for electronics and systems, in addition to the product design and engineering services. Thus Micro-Key consolidates all the necessary services for the complete product-life-cycle: one-stop-shop for product development, qualified supply and lifetime sustained supply.

Micro-Key can provide you with:

  • Prototype series
  • Initial series
  • Volume series

Our company is always ready to cater you in time, in order for you to focus on your core business and to meet the perfect balance between your core competence and outsourcing activities.

Qualified Supply

Micro-Key offers a supply chain office and an ESD safe assembling/test workshop, in order to take care of all product procurement, logistics, assembly and testing.

Micro-Key provides you with:

  • Order desk
  • Supply chain management
  • PCB assembly (in-house and subcontracted)
  • Product/system and cable assembly
  • PCB level and product/system level testing on qualified test benches
  • Distribution
  • Warranty and repair services

All PCB assemblies and product/system assemblies are 100% fully tested. In-house testing at your premises is therefore not required. Products can be shipped directly to your customers.

All products developed by the development department are Designed for Manufacturability (DFM) and Designed for Testability (DFT) in order for the manufacturing department to reduce manufacturing costs and to produce reliable and reproducible output. Both departments work closely together in pursuing these objectives.

Lifetime Sustained Supply

During the product-life-cylce, product modification are inevitable; e.g. product part-list modifications or product design and configuration modifications due to component lead-time problems, obsolete components or additional required product functions.

While you are developing new business for new next generation products, Micro-Key sustains the lifetime of your current products by intelligent product part-list management and effective product design maintenance. As stated before, the cornerstone of this concept is that both the development and manufacturing department are working closely together in pursuing this objective.

Micro-Key provides you with:

  • Total product-life-cycle management
  • Including handling of issues that might occur during the Start-of-life and End-of-life phases of the product-life-cycle