Five Factor Engineering

It's a fact! Micro-Key executes product developments on basis of agreed schedule and performance (i.e. deliverance as agreed upon) and fixed time and material (i.e. fixed price). All project risk concerns are therefore dealed with by Micro-Key. It requires a high-level of maturity to accomplish this in a satisfactory and profitable manner. Particularly the fixed schedule and performance criterion is demanding. The fixed schedule demands a highly predictable project performance with a secured project end-date: respectively quality-to-market and time-to-market are of the utmost importance for our customers. Micro-Key offers all these services based on a fixed price.

In order to realize the above mentioned criteria it is required to have a proven project phasing and project control. However, more aspects are involved, which we refer to as the
five factor embedded engineering:

1. Mature control of the development process
2. Excellent extraction of product ideas into verifiable specifications and actual products
3. Excellent design know-how, expertise and references
4. Very fast adaptation to new technologies, new methods, new standards and new markets
5. Non-stop determination

To achieve and maintain these five factors, the main issues are risk anticipation and risk handling. This, in order to secure and rule out uncertainties during a project. Risk management is an inherent part of the Micro-Key organization, it's our core business to relieve our customers from of all kind of development and manufacture concerns in an excellent and reliable manner!